Prepare to Sail


Passport and Visa Informtaion

If your voyage is sailing to foreign shores, you will require a full passport that is valid for six months after the end of the voyage or an identity card. You will be responsible for obtaining any necessary visas.

European citizens can obtain a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). The EHIC is a replacement for the old E111 and is free. Application forms are available from the post office or via the internet.


Personal Travel Insurance

We do insist that all trainee crew take out relevant travel insurance to cover their voyage. We do like to check that you have travel insurance when you arrive on board.  A reputable adventure sail training insurer is TopSail.


Medical Conditions

Please inform us in advance of any medical conditions and medication that you might need to bring on board with you.  For both Tall Ship Maybe and Tall Ship Blue Clipper you will be required to climb, unaided, a steep ladder of over 2m to access the accommodation areas.  


Dietary Requirements

If you have any special dietary requirements it is we need to know this prior to the voyage in order that we can try to accommodate your requirements in the planned menus.



Warm and waterproof clothing is very important as it can get pretty cold during sailing, especially at night even in the summer. A waterproof and windproof jacket and over-trousers are recommended to help keep warm and dry. For the same reason bring rubber boots or waterproof shoes, preferably two pairs in case one gets wet, with some profile on the soles which is necessary to avoid slipping on a wet deck. Sun cream is also essential to protect against sunburn during long periods of being outdoors.


Life on board Tall Ship Maybe

Please remember that space on board is limited and that you will generally not require smart clothing. Pack comfortable and practical clothing for all weather circumstances. It is recommended to pack in a sports bag that can easily be stored away as there is no room on board for suitcases.  Maybe has 4 different cabin sizes, two berth cabins, 3 berth cabin, 4 berth cabin and a 6 berth cabin.  Each cabin has it's own washhand basin, and each bunk has a storage area. The cabins all have a radiator for those chilly nights and electrictiy sockets (3 pin UK sockets).  You will need to bring a sleeping bag and towels.  There are two bathrooms on board, a comfortable saloon area and galley.  

Life on board really is about getting stuck in and involved in all aspects of sailing the ship. Don't worry if you have not sailed before - most trainee crew have no previous sailing experience, so you will not be alone.  The permanent crew are always on hand to support you through all the tasks involved and you will always have an experienced permanent crew member with you on watch to show you what to do and answer any questions.

You will be put into one of three teams, called "Watches", which take it in turn to be responsible for various tasks on board including keeping watch, even at night.  Every trainee steers the boat, keeps look-out, and takes down log entries.  When we trim the sheets or do a manoeuvre such as tacking or gibing, hoisting or dropping a sail, everyone helps.  The permanent crew will allocate jobs to everyone so that no-one is left out.

Each watch takes it in turn to prepare and cook the meals.  It can be fun and relaxing to cook a big meal for everyone - or it can be a real challenge when the weather isn’t so nice and the boat is moving around a lot! It’s not all hard work on board. We want trainees to enjoy the experience and have fun. When each watch is not on duty, the permanent crew members will provide activities for the trainees and there is also time to just sit and relax with a good book.

Life on board Tall Ship Blue Clipper

If you are interested in a sail training experience which is relaxing with an edge of luxury then Blue Clipper is the boat for you!  All guest cabins are twin, ensuite cabins with plenty of storage space, two spacious bunks (bunk bed style), a writing desk, air-conditioning and heating, and are decorated and finished to a high standard.  There is also a luxury double suite, with large double bed, huge ensuite bathroom, seating area and plenty of storage space.  Each cabin has a porthole so if you are on the top bunk you can watch the starlite horizon from the comfort of your bed.  Each cabin also has an electiricty point (2 pin European socket).  Bedding is provided but you will need to bring your own towels. 

There is a large comfortable saloon area with a bar and area to make tea and coffee.  The saloon is on deck level with windows to both sides so you can enjoy the view without going outside on those wet days!  Meals are served in the saloon.  Our on board chef prepares 3 meals a day; breakfast, lunch and 3 course evening meal.  Drinks are available throughout the day, with alcoholic beverages available with evening meals on a TAB system, whcih can be paid at the end of the voyage. 

There is the opportunity to get involved with the sailing of Blue Clipper, and this is very much encouraged.  Help the crew hoist the sails; take the helm and steer the ship; climb the mast to stow the top sails or head out onto the bow sprit to stow the jibs.  There will be daily lectures and you can learn about navigation and sailing in general. You can also sit back, relax and enjoy the sea breeze with a good book in one of the many seating areas on deck. 

If you have any queries with regard to what to bring, please contact the Maybe Sailing office on
+44 (0)113 202 9576 or email