Tall Ship Races & Regattas

Every year Sail Training International (hyperlink to http://www.sailtraininginternational.org/) organise the Tall Ships Races and Tall Ships Regattas.  The first event took place 60 years ago.  The Tall Ships Races and Regattas take place mainly in Europe but every now and again there is an extra special event.  In 2017 this is the RDV 2017 Tall Ships Regatta, visiting Bermuda, Boston, Halifax, Quebec and Le Havre.

Nothing can quite prepare you for the unforgettable atmosphere of racing.  Picture yourself sailing on a beautiful Tall Ship, miles out to sea, with the waves crashing against the hull, no land in sight, the sun rising behind you, and your closest competitor hot on your heels.

Races and regatta are broken down into “legs” or races. The number of legs depends on how many host ports are taking part – you’ll race from one port to the next.  Along with the race legs, there is also the opportunity to take part in a “cruise in company”.  This is not a race – it’s an opportunity to take things at a more leisurely pace.

Once you arrive in port the festivities begin with a spectacular opening ceremony.  Then there is the  crew parade and prize giving, crew party, cultural and sporting activities competing against the crews from the other tall ships.

Upcoming Races

RDV 2017 Tall Ships Regatta

This race marks the 150th anniversary of the Canadian Confederation through its founders and founding provinces. It's an important event for a region where 80% of Canadians have agreed it's important to celebrate 2017.

STI is working in partnership with the City of Quebec, in association with Le Rendezvous Naval de Quebec, to take a Tall Ships fleet across the North Atlantic Ocean, with visits to selected host ports in six countries.

The Regatta will start from Royal Greenwich in April 2017 before crossing the North Atlantic to the USA, various ports in Canada and the Gulf of St Lawrence, Quebec City (18th - 23rd July 2017), and finally return to Europe early September 2017.

  • Race 1. Greenwich - Sines, 13th April - 30th April
  • Race 2. Sines - Portugal, transatlantic crossing 1st May - 3rd June
  • Race 3. Bermuda - Boston. 4th June - 19th June
  • Race 4. Boston - Canadian arrival port. 20th June - 1st July
  • Cruise in Company. Canadian arrival port - Quebec City. 2nd July - 20th July
  • Race 5. Final race departure port - Le Havre, transatlantic crossing. 1st August - 3rd September.

Small Ship Races 2017

Cowes Small Ships Race Saturday 7th October 2017. This is an annual 'round the cans' race. The ASTO Small Ships Races are a youth event open to any Sail Training Vessels of which at least half the crew is under 25 years of age. Small Ships Races are run under the rules of Tall Ships Races but with, as the name suggests, some smaller vessels involved. Although these events are termed races, and there is certainly hot competition on the water, the main aim is to bring a range of Sail Training vessels together for their crews to compete, socialise and rise to the challenge.

Tall Ship Biscay Regatta 2018

  • Race 1.  Liverpool - Dublin. 27th may - 3rd June 2018. Fro £540pp
  • Race 2.  Dublin - Bordeaux.  3rd June - 16th June 2018. From £1170pp

Tall Ship Races 2018

  • Race 1.  Sunderland - Esbjerg.  13th July - 20th July 2018.  From £630pp
  • Cruise in company.  Esbjerg - Stavanger. 30th July - 28th July 2018.  From £720pp
  • Race 2.  Stavanger - Harlingen.  28th July - 5th August 2018.  From £720pp