Tall Ship Adventure Holidays

At Maybe Sailing we provide Tall Ship Adventure experiences for all ages.  All of our sailing adventures are ‘hands on’ experiences.  Imagine yourself steering hundreds of tons of wind powered sailing ship across the ocean or get a buzz from climbing aloft and stowing sails, hauling on halyards and helping navigate.  Learn new skills, meet new friends and create unforgettable moments with Maybe Sailing.

On a sailing voyage on Tall Ship Maybe you become one of the crew, helping to set sails, steer the ship, keep watch and help with the navigation. The permanent crew on board Tall Ship Maybe will train you in all aspects of Tall Ship sailing and everyone can join in and is encouraged to do so within the limits of your ability. You will never be asked to do anything you have not been trained to do and training always begins right at the start of the voyage. The permanent crew are highly skilled at bringing out your natural talents and creating a happy crew out of a bunch of strangers!!