Youth Development

Maybe Sailing Youth Development Programme will provide young people with a unique, challenging and inspirational experience that will increase their self-awareness and self-confidence, develop their teamwork and leadership skills, and creates a strong sense of community responsibility.

School and Youth Groups

If you would like to book a voyage for your school or youth group, we can meet with you at your convenience to tailor make the voyage to cater for your students/young people.

Principles of the Programme

Outcomes of Maybe Sailing Youth Development Programme

The young people of today are those who will shape the future. Sail training provides a unique and very effective means of helping them to reach their full potential and to become productive members of society. Our youth development programme offers a platform for personal and group development, offers a new perspective on life and develops the skills necessary to develop a successful future. Sail training develops a good working ethic, enhances motivation, self-confidence and self-esteem, builds resilience and respect for others and can act as a stepping stone into maritime careers.

Programme Aims

The training aims of the Youth Development Programme are focused on four broad skill areas:
  1. Teamwork. A greater understanding of the importance of teamwork to achieve individual and group goals and a greater ability to successfully contribute to team objectives.
  2. Leadership. Learning to identify and utilise individual strengths and support weaknesses. Learning to identify and implement different leadership styles to achieve different goals.
  3. Confidence and Self-Concept: A deeper, more comprehensive understanding of who they are as individual people. A greater sense of what they are capable of accomplishing and a wider appreciation of the contribution they can make to their community.
  4. Communication Skills: A greater understanding of effective communication in any situation. Different methods of communication with each other given different circumstances.

"The Maybe is an excellent opportunity for children to experience a different kind of residential. The trip not only allows them to experience life on board a ship but also learn about the scientific skills and geography associated with sailing. Thanks for a brilliant visit."
Fiona Lindstone, Oldfield Primary School. April 2016.