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"The Maybe is an excellent opportunity for children to experince a different kind of residential. The trip not only allows them to experience life on board a ship but also learn about the scientific skills and geography associated with sailing.  Thanks for a brilliant visit."
Fiona Lindstone, Oldfield Primary School. April 2016.
"Because of the Maybe Sailing sail training programme you have brought hope and aspiration and life opportunity right into the heart of the inner city as well as in each of those you have touched with this awesome experience."
Tony Walker, St Bedes, Bradford.  April 2015, July 2015, September 2015.
"Thanks to Frankie and her colleagues Chris, Josh & Steve of Maybe Sailing for a fantastic 5 days of sailing & a wonderful experience in the Cowes Small Ships Race 2015.  It was just what an enrichment experience should be - learning, team work, good humour & a sense of achievement"
Matt Garvey, West Berkshire Training Consortium, October 2015.
"Thank you for everything the team at Maybe have done.  You have directly changed the lives of 46 students, 6 teachers & 2 head teachers through sail training in 2014 & 2015.  You have indirectly made an impact on over 2500 students at our school as well as across our 15 feeder primary schools.
Tony Walker, St Bedes, Bradford.  April 2015, July 2015, September 2015.
"More than dreams coming true!  Absolutely fantastic.  Loved it!"
Dr Thomas Hawson, Jedburgh.  12.08.2015
Had a great time upon the maybe boat, trip of a lifetime that I shall never forget! Big thanks to all the crew members and for looking after us so well and teaching us so much!! And all the trainees for making it such a memorable trip! Highly recommend to all."
Rodney Moorehead, Northern Ireland, Tall Ships Races 2015
"Thank you very much for such an amazing experience.  It was lovely meeting you all and I hope to be back on board Maybe yelling "Two, Six" in the near future.
Patrick Hannon. Bath, Tall Ships Races 2015
"It's been an interesting 18 days on Maybe, as well as a few rough ones!!  I've enjoyed every moment of it, probably be back again as I've got the kit now!!  Hope to see you again soon."
Francis Nizon, Liverpool.  Tall Ships Volunteer 2015
"Thank you for another amazing experience on Maybe.  It was a lot harder this time round but worth it!  Going to miss you all and hope to see you in the near future."
Chloe Summers, Liverpool. Tall Ships Volunteer 2015.
"Thank you for another amazing time!  You are all crazy!! See you again,- I wil be back!!"
Laerke, Denmark.  Tall Ships Races 2015
"Thanks for a fantastic experience and your good mood added with a bit of craziness now and then!!  Although I've only been on the ship for a week I've become really fond of the crew and the ship so I hope to sail on her again in the future."
Jonas Steffen, Denmark.  Tall Ships Races 2015
"Not what I was expecting from my first sailing adventure, but definitely preferable!  I loved every moment - even the yelling and confusion!  I've learned so much and I know there's still so much more to learn.  I will definitely try to find my way back to Maybe in the future.  Thanks to Mark for the lessons, Frankie for the songs, Chris for the inappropirate jokes and Inge for her sweet, sweet dance moves!! And to Steve, for putting up with it all and always ready with a cheery "hello" after every crazy night!  Thanks for everything."
Natasha Benko, Canada, Tall Ships Races 2015
Fantastic experience to be part of the Maybe family."
Josh Oldridge, Goole, Yorkshire,  Tall Ships Races 2015
"Had a great time with the new friends I met.  It was a good experience and a memory I will never forget.  Met some amazing people on this ship.  I had my ups and downs but I survived and I can't wait to head home. Thanks for the experience I had on the ship."
Kate-lynn Donagher, Ireland. Tall Ships Races 2015
"Thank you for the wonderful expereince aboard the best boat in the fleet!"
Padraig McKissock, Northern Ireland. Tall Ships Races 2015
"Met some amazing people who I know I will be friends for life.  It was hard work and had my ups and downs but in the end it was worth it.  I enjoyed the experience and it's a memory I will treasure forever.  Thanks to Chris, Frankie and Steve for encouraging me to keep going. AHOY!!"
Samie Hanna, Northern Ireland.  Tall Ships Races 2015
"I had a great time and met alot of amazing people. I found it very challenging but it was worth it in the end.  Thank you to Chris, Frankie, and Steve for everything."
Taylor Stele, Northern Ireland.  Tall Ships Races 2015
"Had a great time.  Made lots of new friends.  A good experience and it was very challenging.  Thank you to the crew for everything."
Brona O'Reilly, Ireland, Tall Ships Races 2015
"Had an amazing time with everyone,  I enjoyed the criac and loved every moment of the trip. I learnt alot of things about ships now and will maybe own my own boat one day!  I hope to see you all again and you will never get better than me!! Good luck sailing in the future."
Josh Barr, Northern Ireland.  Tall Ships Races 2015
"Had a wonderful time. The craic was top notch and the crew were very understanding and put up with all myu queries!!  I coulnd not pick a boat I'd rather be on I look forward to seeing you guys again."
Milo Collins.  Northern Ireland.  Tall Ships Races 2015
"Had a brilliant time on board Maybe for the 2nd time!!  You didn't scare me away the first time and I hope to be back on board in the furture!  You have introduced me to a totally different experience and alternative lifestyle living on a boat.  Thanks for all your hard work and patient teaching.  Keep up the brilliant work as it is truly life changing."
Matthew Ireland.  Liverpool.  Apprentice Ship Cup 2015. 26.06.2015
"Brilliant experience and challenge.  memory makers.  Thank you Steve and Chris, I learnt so much in more ways than one!!"
Jacqui Kawcuk, Lancashire.  Apprentice Ship Cup 2015.  26.06.2015
"Thanks Steve and Chris for a magical experience I'll carry with me forever!  Truly Amazing!"
Alex Brackley, Cumbria.  Apprentice Ship Cup 2015
"Super trip with the crew of Maybe.  Thanks for sharing your spirit and loce for the water.  Hope to meet again."
Dan, Dublin, Ireland. 05.05.2015
"Great skipper, great crew, great trip.  Great craic!!"
Michael Byrne, Ireland. 05.05.2015
"Best trip ever!  Food excellent!! Can't wait for the next one!"
Martin Creedon, Ireland.  05.05.2015
"A great ship, great crew and a great gang of trainees!  A wonderful voyage (even if the middle bit is a bit vague!!) Best wishes to the Maybe and all who sail on her.  Now to finish my book!"
Warren, Northern Ireland 29.05.2015
"Thanks for a wonderful trip!  However, I never want to see the Isle of Man again!! I would be very happy to see Maybe and her crew again though!!"
Noleen, Northern Ireland. 29.05.2015
"Had a ball.  Ship was class!  The crew were class!  I learnt so much and hope to see you again soon."
Phil, Northern Ireland, 27.05.2015
"Thanks very much.  Scottish weather - sunny/rainy/wind.  All good fun - very professional crew - ideal for novices and sailors alike."
John Craig. Scotland, 10.05.2015
"The experience of a lifetime and now I understand what my sons have been enjoying over the years!  Magnificent foodand a very understanding crew!"
Tony Jones, Scotland 10.05.2015
"Amazing 30 hours, huge variety of memories and experience - crew were friendly, proffesional and gave us superb food and made every moment of a happy and fabulous 2 days."
Sue Jones, Scotland, 10.05.2015
"Great experience on the boat and great to experience a new type of sailing.  Love the crew and the food!!!  Hope to see you guys in the future."
Dean, Ireland, 23.04.2015
"Great crew, great atmosphere.
Sean, Ireland, 23.04.2015
"Had a wonderful time and thank you very much for looking after me so well, all the crew were great and good fun."
Liz, London. 10.04.2015
"A great fortnight on board Maybe - adventurous and such fun.  Thanks for all the laughs and a really positive learning experience.  You're a great crew!"
Ros & Mike,  Southampton, 10.04.2015
"Thanks for everything.  I really enoyed the days with you guys.  It is the first time that I've been sailing and I think I will do it again.  I hope I can come back to see you again."
Becky. China, DofE Residental 10.04.2015
"Thank you everyone, I've had an incredible experience and an amazing time on Maybe.  I'm so happy I gook this opportunity and I learned so much in such a short period of time and met the nicest people ever,  I will remember this experience for a long time!"
Amy Smith. Dumbarton, DofE Residential 10, 04.2015
"Thank you for such an amazing, inspirational and educational experience, we really enjoyed making new friends and working as a team. It was a 10/10 experience that we will never forget."
Victoria & Megan, Oxford, DofE Residential 10.04.2015
"I've had the most amazing experience and I truly believe it's all down to such an amazing crew on a well looked after boat.  You've boosted my confidence soo much and I've made some really good friends!"
Alex, Birmingham, DofE Residentail 10.04.2015
Thank you for an entertaining sailing trip.  I will really consider coming again.  I laughed so much all day apart from when I got sprayed with the hose!!  It was way better than I expected.  Thanks to the crew we had."
Eve, Birmingham, DofE Residential 10.04.2015
"Never been on a boat before. Thank you all for helping me overcome my fear of the water."
Aimee, Liverpool, 08.03.2015
"What a wonderful week! (oh, it just felt like that) Really good team effort, well constructed by true professionals. Well done Chris, Luke, Alfie, Steve and Goldilocks, (was it goldilocks who ate all of the porridge before i got up) Thank you all for showing and making my life an adventure"
John Strong, Cornwall, 20.10.2014
"I have thoroughly enjoyed my time aboard Maybe. I was very impressed by the professionalism of the crew. It was a great passage on which I learned a lot. The cameradarie on board was brilliant and the learning experience has sparked an interest in classic boats. Thanks for the experience"
Mark Taylor, Newcastle, 20.10.2014
"Sad the trip is over, what a trip. Love to do it again. New freinds and hope to see them again"
Andy Derrian, Liverpool, 20.10.2014
"At the end of this trip I was asked if there had been anything negative about the experience, I can only think of one, that is, the trip is over, I am no longer sailing aboard Maybe, and yet I so desperately which that I were. Till next time. P.s Thanks for rekindling my love of sailing and the oceans."
Will Clutton, Cornwall, 20.10.2014
"For the last few days I had so much fun and I would definitely come again, thank you for a great time."
James Watts, Hull, Cowes Small Ships Race. 05.10.2014
"Awesome!  What a great experience for my students to have the opportunity of taking part in a Tall Ship Race with other young people from across the UK and Europe."
David Faith, Hull, Cowes Small Ships Race, 05.10.2014
"Thank you so much for taking us all on, it was so much fun! I learnt a lot and the food was amazing. Thanks again for a lovely trip and sorry we didn't win :("
Steph Budenberg, Cowes Small Ships Race, 03.10.2014-05.10.2014
"Thank you so much for having us. It was great fun and I really enjoyed it. I learnt loads and loved the boat. Thank you"
Claire Wood, Cowes Small Ships Race 03.10.2014-05.10.2014
"Thanks so much for how much you've taught us on this trip. I've really enjoed it."
Ailis Halligan, Cowes Small Ships Race 03.10.2014-05.10.2014
"Thank you very much for this experience. Some bits were definitely more enjoyable than others. And some people were nicer than others....Joking! I've got a cool collection of bruises after this and thats! Congratulations."
Cecily Foster, Cowes Small Ships Race 03.05.2014-05.10.2014
"Thanks for the great experience. Love to be on the Maybe again and Maybe win the race next time. Can't wait."
Michael Coates, Hull.  Cowes Small Ships Race 01.10.2014-05.10.2014
"Thank you for this great experience, we enjoy it so much. I am hoping to come back. This has to be the best school trip I have ever had."
Nadim Sajid, Hull.  Cowes Small Ships Race 05.10.2014
"Had a great time sailing with you, it's gone past so past. Hope that we can sail again and maybe win a race!! Thanks."
Redd Boyce, Hull. Cowes Small Ships Race 05.10.2014
"Thank you for the amazing experience that I will never forget, I have loved every minute of it. Hope to see you all soon. All the best :) XOXO"
Katie Dalton, Liverpool.  Greenwich Tall Ships Regatta 2014 08.09.2014
"Very nervous before the trip because I have not sailed before. Staff very experienced so made me feel safe and I could relax and enjoy a great experience. Highlights - millions of stars at night, dolphin pod, viewing land from another aspect, new and different experience. Thank you for a great trip 10/10."
Jacqui Robinson, 53, Greenwich Tall Ships Regatta 2014.  07.09.2014
"Thank you for the awesome experience! Now I hope to continue sailing! All the best for the future! XX"
Judith Hooks, Greenwich Tall Ships Regatta 2014. 07.09.2014
"We had such a great time - good sailing, good company and thanks to all concerned and look forward to coming on board again soon!!!"
Roger Still & Haleema Shakur, Greenwich Tall Ships Regatta 2014. 06.09.2014
"Thank you for an amazing time and will hope to see you in the near future. See you in Liverpool :)"
Chloe Summers, Liverpool. 22.08.2014
"Had a very fun time, would of stayed on longer if it was possible!"
Francis N, Liverpool.  22.08.2014

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